Biggest Google Algorithm Updates of 2021

At Last, The Secret To Google Algorithm Updates Is Revealed | Five Iconic 2021 Updates So Far.

For digital marketers, content creators, and SEO services providers, Google’s search algorithms are nothing but frustrating and intriguing changes.

Note that neither we are bragging about these various algorithm changes nor we are dismissing such. This article is for informational purposes with a hint of why we are the people to manage your digital marketing requirements.

On the internet, one could find countless articles that aim to offer clarity on Google algorithm updates, but can you believe or follow every one of those. Our digital world is a web of facts, speculations, and opinions. Only the concrete realm is what we know is true or not.

So, what is precisely the hype about Google Search Algorithm? Google is a search engine with millions of indexed websites and content.

The algorithm is sort of an artificial intelligence controlled by a set of codes; it works on several factors when determining rankings like relevance and quality of content posted against a particular search query.

For instance, if you search “SEO Agency Singapore”, you will most likely click on a website on the first page.

Now, consider your search comes with nothing but a shady website offering nothing but disappointment. The search algorithm eases searches and provides precise searches a user is looking for on the internet.

The whole algorithm works on crawling, indexing, and serving. For more information on the complete process, please refer to our other articles dealing with this topic.

Since the introduction of the search engine, Google is constantly updating its algorithm for better and safer searches as meaning, intent, relevance, quality, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. In addition, the content and user experience also influence ranking on a search engine.

Now, the five iconic 2021 Google Search algorithm updates are:

Link Spam Update

Considered the latest and high-influencing update, the Link Spam Update focuses on eliminating and nullifying spam links over the internet and in multiple languages. As per the official statement, this update will nullify spam links soon.

The advice here is to remain consistent with high-quality content and user-oriented web services. Any black hat SEO tactic, link manipulation, and keyword stuffing will result in a poor ranking than ever.  

Google July 2021 Core Update

Since 2020, some of the updates have been here. This one changed the whole algorithm slightly, not a single function, and set a series of changes in websites ranking.

It is a global update and not for any specific region. Somehow, if your ranking gets affected during this update’s rollout, we can help you get back your rankings. We have expert analysts who have studied and already come up with changes a website needs to stay on track of high ranking.

Google June 2021 Core Update

Another core update that hit the search engine is this one. The two core updates (July and June) have affected many sites ranking in major ways.

Some may experience negative downfall, and some websites are in a downward spiral. As per this update, Google suggests that we use best SEO practices as listed on their official website in light of these updates.

Google Page Experience May 2021 Update

A sole-focused update on a website’s webpage, this update under the umbrella of core web vitals determines a web page as load time, the inclusion of annoying pop-ups and ads, and manipulative content practices as the site are loading.

In addition, if your website is not HTTPS, a secure and user-friendly website, there are chances your rankings will drop. With us, you can improve your webpage statistics and make your website faster.

Google Passage Ranking February 2021 Update

Google is always trying to add a human factor in its search algorithm. This update did just that. The google passage update is passage indexing. The update will index parts of the content and not just meta descriptions and tags to provide search results but also passage from the content per searched keyword phrase.

In Conclusion

Follow us or subscribe to our website’s blog section for regular updates on Google Search Algorithm. At the moment, you know about five iconic Google algorithm updates that are affecting search results this year. Contact us today if you are experiencing change or any kind of unfavorable influence on your website traffic and reputation.

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